Brancolini Grimaldi, Oct 2012

This selection of what's hot by James Reid and Tom Watt just so happens to be the stand out photography show in London at the moment, and by some way.

Bracolini Grimaldi is a wide-eyed, big friendly giant of a venue, perched above a post office on Albemarle Street W1. And There's Something Happening Here is an equally fresh-faced all over the shop chocolate box selection of 17 interesting photographers giving it their best. Attractive discontinuities are further emphasised by interspersing the pieces.

It is inevitable that some of these new works look vaguely familiar. Certain ideas and techniques are being collectively worked through at the moment all over the world, and by an ocean of photographers. But this is such a quality pick that it would be impossible not to find at least one or two big thrills and some names to take away for further research. On offer is a happy chocolaty feeling that you only get now and again from anything other than actually eating chocolate.


Suggested links:

Nicole Belle (Rev Sanchez series), Asger Carlson, Clare Strand and Letha Wilson.



(shows until 10th November 2012)