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Mike Ryder
New Work   2005/6

But she just makes it all too concise and too clear
That Johanna's not here

Visions Of Johanna - Bob Dylan

At the heart of my new work is the idea of misunderstanding, if I’m understanding it  then it has nothing to do, no place to go. For me this offers a great sense of freedom when making the work, I don’t have to get things right, I can make leaps of faith to push it in new directions.

The work itself is a heartfelt attempt to take apart everything that is photographic.



Mike is an artist working in photography , painting and sculpture and lives and works in London,  He has exhibited in both Hull and London and the work shown here is part of his ongoing 'My life in England' project.

   e: Mike Ryder   mob: 07890714632


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