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Julian Flynn
The Road

These are photos I've taken through the car windscreen whilst sat in the passenger seat (and, very occasionally, in the driver's seat...) during journeys, often undertaken specifically for this purpose.

The photographs were taken in all conditions of weather and light over a period of 17 years. I have used a 35mm camera loaded with black and white film, with a 35mm lens, and, rarely, a 50mm lens.

Most of the photos in this selection were either taken in West Yorkshire or the département of Hérault (France), both places where I have lived. There are several photos taken in the département of Var too.

You will also find photos taken on the way to the East Yorkshire coast; another of the wonderful hedgerows to be found near Lichfield, Staffordshire; one taken on the M20 in Kent; another in a traffic jam in Ottawa, and one taken when lost somewhere in the Camargue.

I have sought to make visible in each photo two apparently contradictory things: the headlong energy of the car's movement and the exhilaration of snatching moments from the rapidly-changing landscape; and the loneliness and melancholy which I believe is inherent in the idea of the Road and the Road-Journey.

Until recently based in West Yorkshire, Julian Flynn now lives in the Languedoc region of France. He works exclusively in black and white and shoots on film. He has exhibited in both England and France. Julian likes to explore overlooked places and photograph neglected subjects. He has learnt photography by looking at the works of Atget, Cartier-Bresson, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Lee Friedlander, Sally Mann and many others.

Julian Flynn





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