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This web site is hungry to show the excellence of UK photographic artists to the world. If you actively take photographs in a creative, interesting and challenging way then we would be delighted to see your recent work with a view to offering you space with us. If accepted we would like to present your best work on a regular, ongoing basis.

Online since April 2005 we aim to highlight world class creativity from the UK. We don't plan on developing a huge site full of work but a small showcase with a regular input of interesting new work. Maybe you would like to be part of that.

Submission guidelines are given below.

Any offer made to you to show your work would be an informal agreement between us. You are free to withdraw your work whenever you might choose to do so. There are no fees involved nor will there be pop-ups or other advertising alongside your work. We display images at small file size to prevent potential misuse of your copyright but please be aware we obviously cannot prevent downloading by visitors to the site.

The bananacake website is run on a voluntary, not-for-profit basis, much like a public gallery. It is not sales-oriented but any sales you may achieve through the website would not involve us taking a slice of your cake.

We also invite reviews of photography exhbitions, new photo books or any input that would help us pursue our aim of encouraging and promoting great UK art photography.

* Submission Guidelines *

We welcome submissions of contemporary art photography or writing from the UK. Plese use the form below to say hello and we will be in touch. Prepare images to meet the following technical specifications:

Initially we'd like to see up to 5 pictures. Image size - 450 pixels along the longest side. 72dpi. Jpg format. Under 50kb file size.

We will try to reply promptly. We can give no assurance of acceptance.


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