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* MAY 14 The cups and saucers have all been washed up and put away and we have shared the last slice of banana cake that was left over between us. Please do not send any more submissions as we are turning off the lights for the last time and are heading down the pub.

A huge big THANK YOU! to the brilliant contributors whose work we had the greatest pleasure of hosting here, and our best wishes to everyone.

* Apr 13 Joachim Brohm at Brancolini Grimaldi
* Apr 13 Landmark at Somerset House
* Apr 13 Vasiliev/Nilin/Mikhailov at Saatchi Gallery
* Apr 13 Richard Ansett at Tenderpixel Gallery
* Mar 13 Laura Letinsky at The Photographers' Gallery
* Mar 13 Taryn Simon at The Gagosian
* Dec 12 Middle East photography at V&A
* Dec 12 Cindy Sherman at Spruth Magers
* Dec 12 Photo-realism at Haunch of Venison
* Dec 12 Colour Street Photography at Somerset House
* Dec 12 Kate Hooper at Paul McPherson gallery 10-15th
* Nov 12 Lina Scheynius' new book on pre-order
* Oct 12 Penelope Slinger at Riflemaker
* Oct 12 Brancolini Grimaldi
* Oct 12 Mark Rothko/Hiroshi Sugimoto at Pace
* Oct 12 Tom Hunter at Purdy Hicks
* Oct 12 William Klein/Daido Moriyama at Tate Modern
* Oct 12 Uncertain States show
* Oct 12 Tom Wood at The Photographers' Gallery
* Jul 12 Firecracker 'Lives of Others'
* Jun 12 Portfolio from Will K Davis
* May 12 I Love You at Tenderpixel Gallery
* May 12 Burtynsky: Oil at The Photographers' Gallery
* May 12 Out of Focus: Photography at Saatchi Gallery
* May 12 Gillian Wearing at Whitechapel
* Apr 12 Dan Holdsworth/Birdhead/Thomas Ruff/Boris Mikhailov
* Mar 12 We Need These Images
* Feb 12 Two Portfolios from Julian Flynn
* Dec 11 Wilhelm Sasnal/Gerhard Richter/Oliver Michaels/
                 Alex Hartley/Hashem el Madani & Akram Zaatari

* Dec 11 Uncertain States Venue Launch
* Dec 11 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2012
* Sep 11 Lee Friedlander/Mario Giacomelli/Nan Goldin/V&A
* Jul 11 Kate Hooper talk at Firecracker
* Jun 11 Philip-Lorca diCorcia/Simon Norfolk/Taryn Simon/Paul Graham
* May 11 Link to Uncertain States /
* May 11 Guilad Kahn, Quad, Derby
* Apr 11 Brian Griffin, New Art Gallery, Walsall
* Apr 11 Raghu Rai, New Art Exchange, Nottingham
* Mar 11 FORMAT international photography festival
* Feb 11 Portfolio from Sarah Vo
* Jan 11 Shadow Catchers show at the V & A

Lina Scheynius
hello, haven't heard from you in ages but i hope you are well! i am just writing to let you know that my first book is done. you can see more about it here if you want: have a good week!  kind regards lina

Den Elliott
i've got a page on Bananacake entitled 'Resort Estate'- just thought it was relevant to let you know that i've had some of the photos from that series published in Vice Magazine as a result of being on Bananacake- the picture editor saw them on there and got in touch. It's the current issue- Volume six, Number three- the 'Homo Neanderthalensis Issue'. So thanks again for accepting my work to the website. All the best, Den Elliott.


Thanks for visiting the site. Please have a look around and get a flavour of what we are aiming for. There are some portfolios and articles which should give you an idea of the layout and to show the way content is handled here on bananacake.

For most contemporary UK art photographers the nearest they get to showing their work is to daydream about it while enjoying a cup of tea and a bite to eat in a gallery's cafe. Both public and private art space is very limited and we know that the frustration this brings is immense.

This web site offers an opportunity for practising photographic artists and informed writers in the UK to join us and get work 'out there' - visible to an international audience. Unlike the many interesting web sites that currently host art, bananacake devotes itself to ambitious, creative photography and analysis and is run on an unpaid, not-for-profit basis.

Hosting of images will be offered without fee. This is not a commercial site and any sales a submitting artist may achieve will be entirely to their benefit - bananacake will not expect a slice of the cake. We know only too well the difficulty people have in profiting from their art.

Space here will be available to suit needs; you may wish to show fifty images - or just one. It is hoped that eventually good new work will be produced as a direct consequence of having our site as a supportive outlet.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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